Acts of Teaching, 3e

  • Title:Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing, 3e
  • Author:Joyce Armstrong Carroll, EdD, HLD, Edward E. Wilson
  • Publication Date:December 2018
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781440857805
  • Publisher:ABC-Clio

Teachers of writing at all levels will applaud this edition for its new features designed to help teachers to understand and teach to today's new paradigms in writing. New to this edition are two chapters on cognition and technology, respectively; a chapter on early literacy, with student samples; and, for the first time, an online connection that links readers to important articles, visuals, and resources.

Essay writing is explored through discussion of the thesis and its criteria; five organizational patterns for the expository essay; and distinctions among the opinion, persuasive, and argumentative essay. Several new prewriting strategies are also provided: A Sense Notebook, Looking, Contouring, an expanded explanation of Blueprinting, and a discussion of a hierarchical approach to organization.


  • Offers practical suggestions for teaching writing to students of all ages
  • Focuses on the inquiry process as it parallels the writing process
  • Offers many new tips and strategies for teachers to implement in all stages of the writing process
  • Discusses the impact of technology on student writing
  • Features appendices with important readings in the field of writing instruction
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