Best Practices at Tier 3 Elementary

  • Title:Best Practices at Tier 3: Intensive Interventions for Remediation, Elementary
  • Author:Paula Rogers, W. Richard Smith, Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos
  • Publication Date:April 2020
  • ISBN:9781943874392
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

An RTI model guide for implementing Tier 3 interventions in primary school classrooms

Meet the needs of students who have fallen the furthest behind. Created for elementary school educators, this guide details how to implement intensive interventions at Tier 3 of the RTI at Work process. Discover practices and strategies to intervene successfully when students struggle with core content, as well as with foundational skills from previous school years. .

Your guide to implementing Tier 3 in an elementary multitiered system of supports:

  • Study the critical elements of the RTI at Work™ process.
  • Understand the role of teams, specifically the leadership and intervention teams, in implementing Tier 3 interventions.
  • Learn how to collaboratively design and deliver instruction to students needing intensive intervention with a multitiered system of support (MTSS).
  • Examine the role of assessment at Tier 3 and discover strategies for using assessment data to monitor learning.
  • Acquire best practices for delivering intensive behavior interventions according to the RTI at Work process.

The RTI at Work inverted pyramid is designed to continually focus a school’s collective attention and resources to a single point: the individual child.

Access to an essential grade-level curriculum that embeds ongoing monitoring for all students

Immediate and targeted behavior and academic interventions systematically applied and monitored for any students not mastering the core curriculum

Intensive interventions and remediation focused on closing gaps in learning

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