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Brain-Based Teaching in the Digital Age

  • Title:Brain-Based Teaching in the Digital Age
  • Author:Marilee Sprenger
  • Publication Date:2010
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781416609186
  • Publisher:ASCD

In the digital age, your students have the ways, means, and speed to gather any information they want. But they need your guidance more than ever. Find out why and explore the challenges and opportunities of teaching in the digital age in this book by teacher and brain expert Marilee Sprenger.

Discover how digital technology is actually changing your students' brains. Learn why this creates new obstacles for teachers, but also opens up potential new pathways for learning. You will understand the new realities of teaching in a world filled with ipods, smartphones, and the Internet. This book also explores

  • Why "low-tech" teaching strategies are still a vital part of your toolbox.
  • How to match technologies to your students’ learning styles and multiple intelligences.
  • Why to balance students' use of high-tech devices with physical fitness and arts activities.
  • How to include time and space for personal interactions in high-tech learning environments.
  • How to help students work toward goals, make wise decisions, and avoid the riff-raff as they search, communicate, have fun, and learn.
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