Choice Time

  • Title:Choice Time: How to Deepen Learning Through Inquiry and Play, PreK-2
  • Author:Renee Dinnerstein
  • Publication Date:August 2016
  • Grade Level:PreK-2
  • ISBN:9780325077659
  • Publisher:Heinemann

How do you define play and choice time in early childhood classrooms? According to Renée Dinnerstein, “During choice time, children choose to play in a variety of centers that have been carefully designed and equipped to scaffold children’s natural instinct for play.”

In Choice Time, Renée gives you everything you need to set up choice-time centers that promote inquiry-based, guided play in your classroom. Renée summarizes the research, describing the different kinds of play and why they are important. Then she dives into the nitty gritty, providing:

  • Blueprints for six proven choice-time centers, with variations
  • A guide to arranging your classroom space to maximize play’s value and support the child's growing independence
  • Scheduling suggestions for different grade levels
  • Ideas to connect centers to the curriculum, giving children greater agency in designing and planning centers.

Renée reveals what can happen when you embrace a culture of inquiry, providing opportunities for children to be explorative and creative in their thinking. She believes that, “A child’s engagement is the most powerful asset we have for teaching and learning.” Give your students choice time, and watch them engage in joyful, important, playful, age-appropriate work that will empower them to become lifelong learners.


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