Classrooms That Work (6/e)

  • Title:Classrooms That Work: They Can All Read and Write (6/e)
  • Author:Patricia Cunningham, Richard Allington
  • Publication Date:January 2015
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9780134089591
  • Publisher:Pearson

Practical help for providing balanced, comprehensive literacy instruction for all students, particularly those from culturally diverse backgrounds and those who are struggling with reading and writing.

This popular resource provides comprehensive, balanced, practical literacy instruction for all students in today’s increasingly diverse classrooms, especially students from culturally diverse backgrounds and those struggling with reading and writing. As the Common Core raises the bar for all children, Classrooms That Work helps educators meet the challenges by presenting lesson frameworks for providing reading and language arts instruction that helps all children achieve their highest literacy levels. In a clear, friendly writing style, the authors emphasize the importance of promoting the integration of phonics and literature-based process writing and reading instruction to enhance all students’ learning and reading skills. The book clarifies concepts, defines key terms, and offers just the right balance of research and practical coverage to make the content complete without being overwhelming.

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