Co-Teaching Do’s, Don’ts, and Do Betters

  • Title:Co-Teaching Do’s, Don’ts, and Do Betters
  • Author:Toby J.Karten
    Wendy Weichel Murawski
  • Publication Date:July 2020
  • ISBN:9781416629184
  • Publisher:ASCD

Co-teaching has been increasingly adopted to support students in the general education classroom. After 20 years of field testing, we know what works—and what doesn’t. In this practical guide, co-teaching and inclusion experts Toby J. Karten and Wendy W. Murawski detail the best practices for successful co-teaching and ways to troubleshoot common pitfalls. This book addresses the do’s, don’ts, and do betters of

  • The co-teaching relationship and collaborative roles.
  • Co-planning instruction and assessment.
  • Co-teaching in action.
  • Academic and behavioral supports and interventions.
  • Collaborative reflections, improvements, and celebrations.

Readers will gain valuable insights on what to start doing, what to stop doing, and how to improve their co-teaching practices to better reach all students.

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