Critical Media Pedagogy

  • Title:Critical Media Pedagogy: Teaching for Achievement in City Schools
  • Author: Ernest Morrell, Rudy Duenas, Veronica Garcia, Jorge Lopez
  • ISBN: 9780807754382
  • Publisher:Teacher College Press

This practical book examines how teaching media in high school English and social studies classrooms can address major challenges in our educational system. The authors argue that, in addition to providing underserved youth with access to 21st century learning technologies, critical media education will help improve academic literacy achievement in city schools.Critical Media Pedagogypresents first-hand accounts of teachers who are successfully incorporating critical media education into standards-based lessons and units. The book begins with an analysis of how media have been conceptualized and studied; it identifies the various ways that youth are practicing media, as well as how these practices are constantly increasing in sophistication. Finally, it offers concrete examples of how to develop a rigorous, standards-based content area curriculum that embraces new media practices and features media production.

Book Features

  • Case studies from urban high schools co-written with English and social studies teachers
  • Discussion of multiple forms of media education, including PowerPoint, hip-hop education, digital film production, and art.
  • Hands-on media production projects that address issues of social justice in urban communities
  • An online appendix of example lessons adaptable for different curricular contexts.
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