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Designing a Concept-Based Curriculum for English Language Arts

  • Title:Designing a Concept-Based Curriculum for English Language Arts: Meeting the Common Core With Intellectual Integrity, K–12
  • Author:Lois Lanning
  • Publication Date:November 2012
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781452241975
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

How to ensure your ELA teaching sticks

One thing we know for certain: the Common Core will become yet-another failed initiative unless our curriculum provides a clear, unambiguous picture of how to teach for understanding. The solution? A concept-based curriculum. Where can you learn how to create one? Designing a Concept-Based Curriculum in English Language Arts

Fusing Lynn Erickson's groundbreaking curriculum model with implementation guidelines and sample units, this important new book will put you on the fast track to using concept-based curriculum in your school or district. Lanning shows you how to design a curriculum that:

  • Functions as a framework for lesson plans
  • Unites the efforts of ELA teachers district-wide
  • Addresses core standards while focusing on student understanding
  • Creates a ripple effect helping to align curriculum, assessments, and instruction
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