Digital Principal, The

  • Title:The Digital Principal
  • Author:Janette Hughes, Anne Burke
  • Publication Date:March 2014
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9781551382883
  • Publisher:Pembroke

The Digital Principal shows educational leaders how to apply their leadership skills to the challenge of creating and supporting a technology-rich environment. From digital citizenship to connecting to the digital community to accessing digital and virtual worlds, this book establishes a framework for integrating technology into instruction and learning. It includes technology standards specific to educational administrators, a survey testing a school's Technology Quotient (its readiness to embrace both the digital principle and the digital principal), tips for writing grants to improve a school's technology resources, and ways to help teachers facilitate technology-based student learning. 


Author Bio

A practicing school teacher for ten years, Anne Burke is an Assistant Professor of Children's Literature and Early Learning at Memorial University. Anne explores the role of play in children's educational development, family and community literacy, children and youth, digital text making, and the role of media in children's lives. A strong advocate for teachers and children, Anne has published books and journal articles, and has presented at major international conferences.

Janette Hughes is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at University of Ontario Institute of Technology's (UOIT) Faculty of Education. Her research in the field of digital literacies has been featured in numerous education journals and recognized nationally and internationally. Janette has earned several awards, including the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation's Early Researcher Award in 2011 and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship in 2013. Before joining UOIT in 2006, Janette served as a classroom teacher for eighteen years.

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