• Title:Dogteam
  • Author:Gary Paulsen (Author), Ruth Wright-Paulsen (Illustrator)
  • Publication Date:October 1995
  • ISBN:9780440411307
  • Publisher:Penguin Random House

On a moonlit winter night, a team of dogs pulls a sled, taking the narrator and readers on a wondrous ride through the snow, into and out of the woods. It is a ride you'll wish would never end.

Through this exquisite prose poem, Gary Paulsen shares the joy, the beauty, and the grandeur of the outdoors. With his joyous text and Ruth Wright Paulsen's exuberant and expressive illustrations, Dogteam is a celebration of nature, a dance that invites everyone to join in.

Portrays the excitement, the danger, and the beauty of a night run.

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