Engaging Young Writers

  • Title:Engaging Young Writers, Preschool-Grade 1
  • Author:Matt Glover
  • Publication Date:February 2009
  • Grade Level:PreK-1
  • ISBN:9780325017457
  • Publisher:Heinemann

In Engaging Young Writers, Matt Glover (coauthor of Already Ready) presents ways to encourage students to pick up the pen and share their remarkable thinking. With multiple entry points for writers, he helps you match your teaching to children’s individual interests and patterns of learning. Glover shows how you can:

  • Nudge writers into action through meaning, choice, and purpose
  • Invite preschool children to write through conversation and invite primary students through units of study
  • Spark imaginative writing through read-aloud and dramatic play
  • Inspire kids to write stories from personal experiences
  • Give students the chance to share their passions and interests through nonfiction writing.

Engaging Young Writers features teaching tested in real classrooms and the student samples to back it up. Glover takes special care to address how his ideas can be applied to the unique developmental needs of writers in preschool, kindergarten, and grade one.

Inside every child is a writer. Inside you is the desire to give children a great start. Inside Engaging Young Writers is the teaching to help you create that wonderful moment when your students decide to become the writer within.


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