Finding Your Way Through Conflict

  • Title:Finding Your Way Through Conflict: Strategies for Early Childhood Educators
  • Author:Chris Amirault
    Christine Snyder
  • Publication Date:Oct 2020
  • Grade Level:PreK-1
  • ISBN:9781631984945
  • Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing
Conflicts are inevitable, often hard to navigate, and can quickly multiply and become unmanageable. And resolving conflict requires self-reflection, understanding, and vulnerability. But knowing how to tackle difficult conversations will strengthen relationships, create a more equitable community, and improve the impact educators have on the young children they work with.

The first of its kind, Finding Your Way Through Conflict specifically focuses on conflict in early childhood education settings and gives concrete steps and strategies to help manage and resolve it productively.

Authors Chris Amirault, Ph.D., and Christine M. Snyder, M.A., have decades of experience in early childhood education programs and conflict resolution. Built on their expertise and their own experiences, the book’s conflict scenarios are engaging and authentic, empowering educators to get in and out of conflict in a variety of personal, organization, and cultural contexts.

Some of these scenarios include:
  • The Discombobulated Team: The children’s artwork you posted in the classroom yesterday is gone. Who took it down—and why?
  • The Intent/Impact Disagreement: You were only trying to help! So why is that parent offended?
  • The Unexpected Disaster: Your team planned every aspect of that difficult parent meeting for days. So why was it such a catastrophe?
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