Formative Classroom Walkthroughs

  • Title:Formative Classroom Walkthroughs: How Principals And Teachers Collaborate To Raise Student Achievement
  • Author:Connie Moss, Susan M. Brookhart
  • Publication Date:January 2015
  • ISBN:9781416619864
  • Publisher:ASCD

Discover the true value of classroom walkthroughs when they are formative, not summative; supportive and collegial, not punitive or negative. Two of ASCD’s most popular authors Connie Moss and Susan Brookhart team up to equip you with a formative walkthrough approach that capitalizes on an observation process and feedback protocol that focus on what students are doing and learning. This collaborative process ensures your classroom walkthroughs

  • Gather solid evidence of what the students are doing and learning.
  • Provide clear, specific feedback on how teachers help students hit their learning targets and what to do next.
  • Work across grade levels and subject areas to encourage pedagogical expertise and promote professional development.
  • Develop a schoolwide collaborative culture that enhances the learning of teachers, administrators, coaches, and students.

A set of Collaborative Inquiry Guides included in the book help ensure this formative walkthrough process informs teachers, coaches, principals, and others about what they need to learn and do to move instructional practice forward.

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