Frida (Hardcover)

  • Title:Frida
  • Author:Jonah Winter
    Illustrated by Ana Juan
  • Publication Date:February 2002
  • ISBN:9780590203203
  • Publisher:Scholastic

When he mother was worn out from caring for her five sisters, her father gave her lessons in brushwork and color. When polio kept her bedridden for nine months, drawing saved her from boredom. When a bus accident left her in unimaginable agony, her paintings expressed her pain and depression ­ and eventually, her joys and triumphs. Again and again, Frida Kahlo turned the challenges of her life into art. Now Jonah Winter and Ana Juan have drawn on both the art and the life to create an insightful, playful tribute to one of the twentieth century's most influential artists. This is the Spanish language version of this book.

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