Guided Math

  • Title:Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction Second Edition ( Paperback)
  • Author:Laney Sammons
  • Publication Date:2019
  • Grade Level:1-8
  • ISBN:9781642903768
  • Publisher:Shell

Use an innovative approach to teaching mathematics that integrates well-known, guided-reading strategies. Teachers familiar with the Guided Reading approach to instruction will discover how to use their understanding of best teaching practices in reading instruction and apply them to teaching mathematics. The strategies provided are designed to help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of math, computational fluency, and proficiency with problem solving.

Features/Benefits include:

  • ;Balanced literacy instructional strategies which have proven to be to be so effective to mathematics
  • An effective instructional framework to help differentiate mathematics instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of students
  • Ideas for using ongoing assessment to guide instruction and increase student learning
  • •Guided Math model to establish a standards-based curriculum for mathematics instruction
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