Guided Reading Basics

  • Title:Guided Reading Basics: Organizing, Managing, and Implementing a Balanced Literacy program in K-3
  • Author:Lori Jamison Rog
  • Publication Date:January 2003
  • Grade Level:K-3
  • ISBN:9781571103833
  • Publisher:Pembroke

Lori Rog provides a model for Guided Reading that can help teachers meet the varied needs of their K–3 students. The keys to her Guided Reading model are:

  • working with small, flexible groups of students with similar instructional needs;
  • using texts that are carefully chosen to provide the right balance of support and challenge;
  • providing instructional support through scaffolding to build reading strategies and develop the habits of independent, lifelong readers.

The heart of the book is a close look at the guided reading lesson itself. With direct reference to text samples, each chapter deals with the guided reading lesson at a different reading level: emergent, early, developmental, and fluent readers. The final section discusses instruction strategies, with chapters on phonics, vocabulary study, comprehension strategies, retelling and responding to text, and the use of non-fiction in the guided reading program.

Teachers will find practical, classroom-tested strategies for organizing, managing, and implementing effective guided reading strategies in the early years. It lays the groundwork and shows new and experienced teachers how to:

  • fit guided reading into a balanced literacy program:
  • organize the class for independent learning;
  • create flexible reading groups and select the best reading materials to meet the instructional needs of each group;
  • assess and monitor student learning

Author Bio

Lori Jamison Rog is a teacher, author, and literacy consultant. She is one of the few Canadians to have served on the Board of Directors of the International Literacy Association. Among her professional books on reading and writing instruction, Lori is the author of Guiding Readers, Struggling Readers, and Marvelous Minilessons for Teaching Nonfiction Writing K–3 (2/e). She serves as the Education Director for High Interest Publishing, which produces high interest-low vocabulary novels for struggling readers. A popular speaker at literacy conferences across North America and beyond, Lori is currently an independent consultant, providing professional development to schools and districts.

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