Guided Reading Teacher's Companion, The

  • Title:The Guided Reading TeacherÂ’'s Companion: Prompts, Discussion Starters & Teaching Points
  • Author:Jan Richardson
  • Publication Date:August 2016
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9781338163452
  • Publisher:Scholastic

In this convenient flip-chart guide, you can easily find prompts, discussion starters, and teaching points to use when you want students to process more effectively, think more deeply, and express their ideas more thoughtfully. The self-standing guide with sturdy pages makes it convenient to use while working with small groups. Instantly, you can use these tools as starting points for in-depth inquiry based on behaviors you’re noticing in students. There are also recommendations on how to revise them as necessary to meet every reader’s needs.


Author Bio

Jan Richardson, Ph.D. is an educational consultant based in Wisconsin who has trained thousands of teachers and works with schools and districts to ensure that every student succeeds in reading. Jan's work is informed by her experience as a reading specialist, a Reading Recovery teacher leader, a staff developer, and a teacher of every grade-K-12.

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