Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time

  • Title:Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time
  • Author:Jane E. Pollock, Sharon Ford, Monique C. Conway, Linda Law, Jeff Farrington, Janna Cochrane, Richard Zimman, Layne Parmenter
  • Publication Date:2009
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781416607687
  • Publisher:ASCD

At last, a guide that focuses on the real crux of teacher supervision: how learners are learning. Using the six-part Teaching Schema for Master Learners introduced in the ASCD best-seller Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time, Jane E. Pollock and Sharon M. Ford show you how to help teachers make the right adjustments in the areas that have the most impact on student achievement: curriculum, instruction, assessment, and feedback practices. Get straightforward guidance on how to support teachers' efforts by

  • Focusing your classroom observation on the elements of successful lessons: beginnings, middles, and ends
  • Providing teachers with practical, research-based planning, instructional, and assessment strategies
  • Helping teachers align their plan book and grade book to support higher student achievement
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