Increasing Fluency with High Frequency Word Phrases, Grade 1

  • Title:Increasing Fluency with High Frequency Word Phrases, Grade 1
  • Author:Kathleen Knoblock, Edward Fry, Timothy Rasinski
  • Publication Date:April 2007
  • Grade Level:1
  • ISBN:9781425802882
  • Publisher:Shell

Using Dr. Fry's Instant Words and Dr. Rasinski's research, these books provide a powerful tool for building fluency.

Each of these books in this series provides a clear direction on how to teach students to recognize words, read phrases with expressions, and ultimately improve comprehension.

Each book includes:

  • A fluency assessment rubric and a reference list of oral reading fluency strategies
  • 20 four-page lessons on phrasing plus activities for practicing comprehension and fluency activities
  • Audio CD with oral reading of the phrase list and reading selection from each lesson

Author Bio

Timothy Rasinski is a professor of literacy education at Kent State University and director of its award winning reading clinic. He has written over 200 articles and has authored, co-authored or edited over 50 books or curriculum programs on reading education.

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