• Title:Leverage: Using PLCs to Promote Lasting Improvement in Schools
  • Author:Thomas Many, Susan Sparks-Many
  • Publication Date:September 2014
  • ISBN:9781452259574
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Discover high-impact leadership strategies for a thriving learning community!

Faced with the growing demands of leadership in today’s schools, how can principals and teacher leaders ensure their actions will impact teaching and learning in positive ways? This compelling new book by Thomas Many and Susan Sparks-Many provides straightforward solutions for the complex challenges school leaders face. Discover how implementing a few specific high-leverage strategies, grounded in the core beliefs of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), can promote lasting improvement in schools. This book’s concrete examples of high-leverage, evidence-based practices help you:

  • Understand the essential role principals and teacher leaders play in leading PLCs
  • Foster an understanding of how PLCs can support implementation of major instructional shifts such as the new Common Core State Standards
  • Apply high-leverage strategies across your own school and district to improve instruction and better serve the needs of all students

You’ll find invaluable self-assessment forms, templates, case studies, planning examples, and more. Use Leverage as your essential leadership tool to transform your school into a thriving learning community!


Author Bio

Thomas W. Many, EdD, works with teachers, administrators, school boards, parents, and other education stakeholders on organizational leadership, implementation and change, and Professional Learning Communities at Work™ strategies and concepts.

Susan Sparks-Many brings 30 years of experience in facilitating work sessions, community gatherings, and challenging conversations with groups and teams. She has worked in schools with teacher teams, guiding coalitions, and parent groups. She has assisted school districts at the cabinet level, led task forces, served as a facilitator for contract negotiations and has conducted numerous strategic planning processes and Future Search Conference. In addition to working in education, Susan has supported governmental agencies, non-profit, and community based organizations. Throughout her work, Susan keeps a keen focus on results. She works directly with the client to identify desired outcomes and she has a reputation for helping teams and groups attain positive results in less time. She models and nurtures the skills and dispositions in teams that foster a collaborative culture.

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