Make Virtual Meetings Matter

  • Title:Make Virtual Meetings Matter: How to Turn Virtual Meetings from Status Updates to Remarkable Conversations
  • Author:Paul Axwell
  • Publication Date:August 2020
  • ISBN:9781728235837
  • Publisher:Source Books Inc.

Meetings should matter. Even and especially when those meetings are taking place online.

No one wants to be called in for a meeting that could've been an email. No one wants to sit in a meeting where everyone's distracted by whatever else is happening on their screen, everyone is lost in the weeds, or people continue talking over each other. If you're going to attend or lead a meeting, don't you want it to...well, matter?

An update to the original "Make Meetings Matter", this work is tailor made to help consumers get the most from every meeting―virtually! Meetings are a chance to initiate a conversation with your teammates. Not simply check a box on an agenda. You can foster new relationships with your coworkers, and learn from their new ideas and perspectives.

So why do so many people dread meetings? Because they're doing them all wrong.

Change the way people think about meetings. Transform their opinions by holding a meeting that is efficient and productive, that is open and communicative, that is useful and important.

Paul Axtell affirms the importance of meetings, and he redesigns them using the vital foundation of conversation. With real-life examples and actionable advice, he shows you how to design meetings for results, lead them to achieve agendas that move projects forward, and even allow time for building the relationships that make working together in a remarkable way possible. Based on his award winning efficiency training title "Make Meetings Matter" and updated for the virtual meeting experience, this book will revolutionize the meeting―moving it from that dreaded obligation to a powerful way to get things done in business and in life.

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