Mathematical Imagining

  • Title:Mathematical Imagining: A Routine for Secondary Classrooms
  • Author:Christof Weber
  • Publication Date:September 2020
  • Grade Level:8-12
  • ISBN:9781625312778
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Mathematical Imagining describes an original routine that gives students space and time to imagine a mathematical situation and then revise, discuss, and act upon the mental images they create. You can use this creative routine in your secondary classroom to glimpse into your students’ thinking and discover teaching opportunities while empowering them to create their own mathematics.

Inside you’ll find the following:

  • an introduction to the routine including the rationale behind it, facilitation guidance, and classroom examples
  • modifications to implement the routine in your classroom, even with varying time constraints 
  • 37 exercises broken into four categories: constructions, problem-solving, reasoning, and paradoxes
  • discussions of the mathematics involved in each exercise, including possible follow-up questions
  • instructions on how to create your own exercises beyond the book    

This one-of-a-kind resource is for secondary teachers looking to inspire student creativity and curiosity, deepen their own subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge, and invite all students to access the power of their own mathematical imaginations.

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