Metamorphosis, The

  • Title:The Metamorphosis
  • Author:Franz Kafka
  • Publication Date:February 1972
  • ISBN:9780553213690
  • Publisher:Penguin Random House

When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.- With this startling, bizarre, yet surprisingly funny first sentence, Kafka begins his masterpiece, The Metamorphosis. It is the story of a young man who, transformed overnight into a giant beetlelike insect, becomes an object of disgrace to his family, an outsider in his own home, a quintessentially alienated man. A harrowing -- though absurdly comic -- meditation on human feelings of inadequecy, guilt, and isolation, The Metamorphosis has taken its place as one of the mosst widely read and influential works of twentieth-century fiction. As W.H. Auden wrote, -Kafka is important to us because his predicament is the predicament of modern man.

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