Middle School Readers

  • Title:Middle School Readers: Helping Them Read Widely, Helping Them Read Well
  • Author:Nancy Allison
  • Publication Date:September 2009
  • Grade Level:4-8
  • ISBN:9780325028149
  • Publisher:Heinemann

Nancy Allison shows how to provide the choice adolescents crave with the guidance they need—and she does this all with instructional and organizational strategies that make this infinitely manageable. In describing how to teach middle school students to read widely and well, Nancy presents:

  • the daily routines of an effective reading workshop with ideas for developing a robust classroom library
  • tips for cultivating independent readers and matching students to just-right books
  • her unique brand of deskside conferences with examples of how they can be used to differentiate instruction and motivate disengaged readers
  • strategies for teaching comprehension in fiction and nonfiction texts
  • techniques for assessing and evaluating independent readers.

Plus! A built-in study guide makes this an ideal book for professional book study.

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