Mighty Truck on the Farm (Paperback)

  • Title:Mighty Truck on the Farm
  • Author:Chris Barton
    Illustrated by Troy Cummings
  • Publication Date:May 2018
  • Grade Level:K-2
  • ISBN:9780062344663
  • Publisher:Harper Collins

Clarence was just a muddy pickup. One day there was a big storm, and lightning zapped the car wash. Now Clarence has a secret: Water turns him into MIGHTY TRUCK!

But even Mighty Truck needs to relax after working wheely hard to save the day every day in Axleburg! When Clarence’s parents ask him to visit the family farm, he can’t wait to romp with the sheep, play with the pigs, and have a good long rest.

But Mom and Dad have other plans—they need Clarence to help out! How can Clarence finish all his chores and have a zoomin’ good time at home?

Sounds like a job for Mighty Truck!

Mighty Truck On the Farm is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it’s perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.

Author Bio

Chris Barton is the author of picture books included on 19 state reading lists. Chris has advocated for greater diversity in children’s literature by co-founding the Modern First Library program with BookPeople.

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