Poetry Teacher's Book of Lists, The

  • Title:Poetry Teacher's Book of Lists, The
  • Author:Sylvia Vardell
  • Publication Date:March 2012
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781475100747
  • Publisher:Create Space

Need help finding the perfect poem for a holiday celebration or a science unit? A funny riddle, poem or a bilingual poetry book? Here is a comprehensive resource for teachers, librarians, and parents packed with poetry bibliographies and research-based strategies for selecting and sharing poetry with young people (ages 0-18). The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists contains 155 different lists featuring 1500 poetry books for children and teens—in a variety of categories including poetry awards, seasonal poetry, poetry across the curriculum, multicultural poetry, the poetry-friendly environment, poetry performance, guiding discussion, and teaching poetry writing. You’ll find recommended lists of poetry books tied to calendar events throughout the year, poetry that targets the needs of students acquiring English as a new language, poetry to help children through worries, adjustments or difficult times, 20 lists of poetry to support the study of science, social studies, and language arts, lists organized by different poetic forms, question prompts to guide meaningful discussions, preparation and presentation pointers, display ideas, poetry quotes, lesson plan tips, poet birthdays, and a poetry scavenger hunt and treasure hunt for kids—all tools to help jumpstart a poetry program and keep it energized and fresh all year long.


Author Bio

Sylvia Vardell is Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University and has taught graduate courses in children's and young adult literature at various universities since 1981. Vardell has published extensively, including five books on literature for children, as well as over 20 book chapters and 100 journal articles. Her current work focuses on poetry for children, including a regular blog, Poetry for Children, since 2006. She is also the regular “Everyday Poetry” columnist for ALA’s Book Links magazine. Sylvia Vardell’s other professional books include: Poetry Aloud Here: Sharing Poetry with Children (2012) and The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists (2012).

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