Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Creating a Dynamic Classroom

  • Title:Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Creating a Dynamic Classroom
  • Author:Serena Pariser, Victoria Lentfer
  • Publication Date:June 2022
  • ISBN:9781071856789
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

“Serena Pariser and Victoria Lentfer provide answers to common questions that linger in the brain of a newer teacher. As a newer teacher myself, I wish a book like this existed when I started out. This book is engaging, informative, and so much more. Each section includes helpful tips and is easily organized and accessible. This book is truly an amazing guide for newer teachers, and I highly recommend it as it will form the perfect basis for that exciting and powerful start of a new journey. Teaching can be many things, but this book is truly a game changer for anyone starting out.”

—Susan Jachymiak
Teacher, Leader, and Author

Create a positive and energetic classroom where learning can flourish.

This insightful, friendly guide to establishing a dynamic classroom is a lifeline of practical support for teachers, providing answers to your biggest questions at the moment you most need them.

Through instructional tools, teaching tips, classroom examples, reading suggestions, and more, Answers to Your Biggest Questions about Creating a Dynamic Classroom equips teachers to embark on the path of success toward building a positive and energetic learning environment. It details brief, actionable answers to your most pressing questions in five areas of effort:

  • How do I build an affirming classroom community?
  • How do I keep students at the center?
  • How can I design effective, fun, and engaging learning for students?
  • How can I make assessments work for me and my students?
  • What are the things I need to know that are rarely discussed in a teacher training program?

This is a resource to keep handy on your desk and reach for often for establishing a vibrant and welcoming classroom community. Practical guidance on topics such as communicating with parents, asking for administrator support, and maintaining a work/life balance, help teachers not only succeed in the early years of teaching, but thrive.

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