Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Teaching Middle and High School ELA

  • Title:Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Teaching Middle and High School ELA
  • Author:Matthew Johnson, Matthew R. Kay, Dave Stuart Jr.
  • Publication Date:May 2022
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781071858042
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

“Matthew Johnson, Dave Stuart Jr., and Matthew R. Kay have written a book to help navigate the burning questions early career teachers long to understand. From ways to build a community of learners to motivational instruction to feedback that works for students and teachers alike, these inspirational teachers share what it takes to craft a career for the long haul.”

- Andy Schoenborn, co-author of Creating Confident Writers: For High School, College, and Life

Your guide to grow and learn as an ELA teacher!

Let’s face it, major shifts over the past decade, including pandemic-related challenges, have rapidly changed our ELA classrooms. New and experienced teachers can benefit from guidance on the fundamentals of what excellent teaching and learning of writing can look like. Friendly and practical, this book is a reminder of the things that matter most.

Part of the Five to Thrive series for early-career educators, Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Teaching Middle & High School ELA offers solutions for any teacher who wishes to refresh their practice. Questions and answers are organized into five areas that will help you thrive in your classroom: 

  • How do I build a brave, supportive reading and writing community?
  • How do I cultivate motivation?
  • How can I ensure that my feedback and assessment are efficient, effective, and equitable?
  • What does strong ELA instruction look like?
  • How can I keep doing this for my whole career?

The authors, all practicing ELA educators, provide solutions to the most urgent challenges teachers face in providing student-centered and efficient instruction. With an emphasis on equity, culturally responsive practice, and intrinsic motivation, the book focuses on the wellbeing of both students and teachers.

You’ll find accessible tips for immediate use woven throughout. Strive to be the best ELA educator you can; your students are counting on it!

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