Authentic Literacy Instruction

  • Title:Authentic Literacy Instruction: Empowering Secondary Students to Become Lifelong Readers, Writers, and Communicator
  • Author:Billy Eastman, Amy Rasmussen
  • Publication Date:September 2021
  • ISBN:9781949539899
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Imagine a thriving English classroom. One that’s active, experiential, collaborative, and rigorous. Authentic Literacy Instruction will help you not just imagine this classroom, but also create it. Through a hands-on approach to student-centered literacy, the authors share how to reinvigorate your love for what you do and refine your practices to tap into the passions, strengths, and lived experiences of every learner.

  • Understand what authentic literacy is and why it’s important.
  • Transform your classroom into an authentic literacy community.
  • Develop your own expertise as a teacher reader and teacher writer.
  • Establish classroom routines that make authentic literacy part of daily practice.
  • Teach individual students and help them identify as lifelong readers and writers.
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