BUNDLE: What Really Works With Exceptional Learners + Distance Learning Supplement

  • Title:BUNDLE: What Really Works With Exceptional Learners + Distance Learning Supplement
  • Author:Wendy Weichel Murawski, Amy I. Gaines
  • Publication Date:February 2021
  • ISBN:9781071850435
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Your desk reference for success with exceptional learners—even at a distance

Today’s teachers, especially the many who work with students with special needs, are pressed to know a little something about everything. Expertise is needed in different content and pedagogical areas, but knowledge of different types of disabilities is required as well. What Really Works With Exceptional Learners is full of experiences and evidence-based practices to empower any educator. Plus, the all-new supplement provides you with best practices for students with special needs in distance, hybrid, and remote learning settings.

Each chapter is presented in an easy-access and practical format suited for busy professionals and packed with practical strategies, research, and tried-and-true advice to help your students not only learn, but also thrive—no matter where they're learning. You'll learn how how special educational needs affect:

  • Content areas like reading and math
  • Specialization areas like autism and learning disabilities
  • Pedagogical areas like culturally responsive practices and accommodations
  • Other critical areas like legal issues, behavior challenges, and home-school collaboration

As education trends promote the inclusion of students with exceptionalities, this book is the perfect resource for teachers and administrators who need to know what works… and what doesn’t.

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