Better Than Carrots or Sticks

  • Title:Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management
  • Author:Dominique Smith, Douglas B. Fisher, Nancy E. Frey
  • Publication Date:August 2015
  • ISBN:9781416620624
  • Publisher:ASCD

Schools and teachers everywhere are abandoning harsh, punitive controls on student behavior—such as consequence-based systems and frequent school suspensions—for restorative practices that can lead to more productive classrooms that result in improved student learning. In this book, Authors Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey share their proven approach to implementing restorative practices in schools and classroom. From welcoming students in the morning to resolving the most serious behavior problems, the authors' framework includes:

  • Steps to building trusting and positive relationships with students.
  • How to establish rules, procedures, and expectations that result in a classroom compact between teaches and students.
  • Ways to prevent and manage conflict by keeping, making, and building peace.
  • Ideas for reflecting a restorative approach in school management and parent and community outreach.


Author Bio

Douglas Fisher is a professor of educational leadership at San Diego State University and a teacher leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College. He is a member of the California Reading Hall of Fame and was honored as an exemplary leader by the Conference on English Leadership. He has published numerous articles on improving student achievement.

Nancy Frey is a professor of educational leadership at San Diego State University. Frey also teaches classes at Health Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego. She is a recipient of the Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the Early Career Award from the Literacy Research Association. She has published many articles and books on literacy and instruction.

Dominique Smith is a social worker, school administrator, mentor, national trainer for the International Institute on Restorative Practices, member of ASCD’s FIT Teaching (Framework for Intentional and Targeted Teaching®) Cadre and Corwin’s Visible Learning for Literacy Cadre. He is the winner of the National School Safety Award from the School Safety Advocacy Council.

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