Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing, The

  • Title:The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing
  • Author:Kimberley Evans, Thérèse Hoyle, Frederika Roberts, Bukky Yusuf
  • Publication Date:November 2021
  • ISBN:9781529764253
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Your essential guide to wellbeing in education. 

Despite many school leaders and teaching and non-teaching staff working hard to support children’s and their own wellbeing, more needs to be done. This book provides you with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate your way through the changing educational landscape and shape the schools of the future. Written by a diverse range of experts in the field, it explores how all school staff can support their own, their colleagues’ and their students’ wellbeing, how leaders can lead well and be well, and the importance of relationships within the entire school community to promote personal, academic and professional flourishing.

This book will make you think and take you out of your comfort zone. It will inspire discussions and support you - whatever your role in school is - to bring positive change to school policy and culture.

Kimberley Evans is an experience teacher and founder of Nourish the Workplace.
Thérèse Hoyle is an education consultant, leadership coach and trainer.
Frederika Roberts is a Positive Education advocate and former teacher.
Bukky Yusuf is a senior leader, science teacher and consultant.

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