Building a Culture of Hope

  • Title:Building a Culture of Hope: Enriching Schools With Optimism and Opportunity
  • Author:Robert D. Barr, Emily L. Gibson
  • Publication Date:May 2013
  • ISBN:9781936764624
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Research demonstrates that children of poverty need more than just academic instruction to succeed. Discover a school-improvement blueprint for teaching resilience and turning low-performing schools into cultures of hope. The authors draw from their own experiences working with high-poverty, high-achieving schools to illustrate how to support students with an approach that considers social as well as emotional factors in education.

Revere 2014 Distinguished Book Award     2015 Teacher's Choice Award

Understand how poverty affects education and how creating a positive school culture can help:

  • Understand the relevance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and positive psychology in K–12 education.
  • Discover tested strategies behind the success of high-poverty, high-achieving schools in closing the achievement gap.
  • Learn how to create intrinsic motivation for students impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and support them in overcoming learned helplessness.
  • Access surveys that gauge the temperature of your school’s culture.
  • Integrate the world of jobs and professional careers into academic curriculum.
  • Support students with tools to envision and plan for the future.
  • Define processes for building consensus and increasing collaboration among teachers and school leadership.
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