Building a Math-Positive Culture

  • Title:Building a Math-Positive Culture: How to Support Great Math Teaching in Your School
  • Author:Cathy L. Seeley
  • Publication Date:April 2016
  • ISBN:9781416622468
  • Publisher:ASCD

Preparing students for their future calls for fresh thinking about mathematics teaching and learning. Shifting the mathematics program in a school or school system is an ambitious task that can yield huge benefits for students. Author Cathy L. Seeley offers an overview of what an effective and successful mathematics program might look like at any level in the K–12 system and what a leader can do to support improvement toward that vision. It considers:

  • The needs and abilities of the students.
  • The nature of the mathematics we want them to learn.
  • The kinds of classrooms where that learning can best take place.
  • The culture of schools where such classrooms thrive.
  • The first steps in a process by which leaders can create those schools.
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