Charting a Course to Standards-Based Grading

  • Title:Charting a Course to Standards-Based Grading: What to Stop, What to Start, and Why It Matters
  • Author:Tim Westerberg
  • Publication Date:August 2015
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781416622635
  • Publisher:ASCD

What's the best way to ensure that grading policies are fair, accurate, and consistent across classrooms? How can schools transition to a grading system that better reflects what students are actually learning? Author Tim R. Westerberg makes this journey easier by offering a continuum of options, with four "destinations" on the road to improved grading and assessment.

  • Destination 1 critically examines popular grading mechanisms and explains how they undermine objectivity and instead result in widely divergent grades for comparable work.
  • Destination 2 invites educators to put assessment and grading into the larger context of a districtwide guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • Destination 3 brings parents and others on board with a multiyear implementation plan and community engagement strategies.
  • Destination 4 involves a total rethinking of the nature and structure of school, leading to individualized education for all students.
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