Charting the Course for Collaborative Teams

  • Title:Charting the Course for Collaborative Teams: Lessons From Priority Schools in a PLC at Work®
  • Author:Sharon V. Kramer
  • Publication Date:April 2021
  • ISBN:9781951075576
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Strategies to boost student achievement in priority schools

Develop the know-how to work collaboratively within the PLC at Work® process to overcome barriers and challenges in your priority school. Edited by Sharon V. Kramer, this must-read anthology brings together numerous contributors who share the strategies they used to successfully turn around underperforming schools. Rely on their specific suggestions and purposeful actions to guide the work of your collaborative teams on a daily basis.

  • Understand how to effectively implement the PLC process to support school-improvement efforts.
  • Receive replicable research-based strategies and processes for turning around underperforming schools and districts.
  • Study the experiences of educators who have worked with priority schools and solved common challenges and pitfalls within them.
  • Explore equitable practices for working with various student populations within priority schools, such as English learners, students in need of intervention, and students who will benefit from learning extensions.
  • Understand how to collaboratively gather, analyze, and take action on data to inform school improvement efforts.
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