Charting the Course for Leaders

  • Title:Charting the Course for Leaders: Lessons From Priority Schools in a PLC at Work®
  • Author:Sharon V. Kramer
  • Publication Date:April 2021
  • ISBN:9781951075590
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Strategies to boost student achievement in priority schools

This all-encompassing anthology delivers clear steps that leaders can take throughout the PLC at Work® process to turn their priority schools around. Every key topic is considered and discussed—from prioritizing time for collaboration to implementing effective coaching to aligning school and district goals. Over the course of thirteen chapters, readers will grow in their role as leaders and gain a clear vision of how to evolve their priority school into a thriving place of learning.

  • Discover how to effectively reframe accountability so everyone buys into the collective aspect of student learning.
  • Focus on creating and aligning SMART goals—schoolwide, at the collaborative team–level, and at the individual teacher–level.
  • Get ideas for extending work for proficient students, which can help boost a school’s grade.
  • Provide targeted feedback and effectively moderate and liaise within your professional learning communities.
  • Implement a strong, collaborative coaching system to support teacher development.
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