Clementine and the Family Meeting (Hardcover)

  • Title:Clementine and the Family Meeting
  • Author:Sara Pennypacker
  • Publication Date:June 2012
  • Grade Level:3-6
  • ISBN:9781423123569
  • Publisher:Hachette Book Group

This New York Times bestselling chapter book series has been keeping readers engaged and laughing for more than a decade with over one million copies sold!

Clementine’s having a nervous breakdown. The FAMILY MEETING! sign is up in her house, and she just knows she’s in trouble for something. Has she been too mean to her little brother? Too sloppy? Eating too much junk food? Try as she might to find out what’s on the agenda, her parents won’t reveal anything before the meeting.

As far as Clementine is concerned, the agenda should be something like: “We’re getting a gorilla.” But no, it’s something entirely different. “We’re talking about a new baby,” says her father. “A sibling for you two. What do you think about that?” NO THANKS! is what Clementine thinks. After all, four is the perfect number for a family. There are four sides to a table, not five. Will Clementine learn to make room for one more?

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