Closer Look, A

  • Title:A Closer Look: Learning More About Our Writers with Formative Assessment
  • Author:Lynne Dorfman, Diane Esolen Dougherty
  • Publication Date:Novemeber 2017
  • Grade Level:K-6
  • ISBN:9781625311337
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

In A Closer Look, Lynne Dorfman and Diane Dougherty provide the tools and strategies you need to use formative assessment in writing workshop. Through Lynne and Diane’s ideas, you will be able to establish an environment where students will internalize ways that they can assess their own writing and become independent writers.

Lynne and Diane share methods for collecting and managing information, and show practical, simple, and concise ways to document student thinking. In the accompanying online videos, they demonstrate conferences with individual writers, small groups, and whole groups. Quick, easy-to-manage assessment methods emphasize that formative assessment does not have to take a long time to be worthwhile and effective. Vignettes from classroom teachers, principals, and authors add a variety of perspectives and classroom experiences on this important topic.

A Closer Look shows that when students are in charge of their own writing process and set and reach their own goals, writing becomes a vibrant, energetic part of the day.


Author Bio

Lynne Dorfman received her bachelor's and master's degrees in elementary education, her supervisory certificate in elementary education and her educational leadership doctorate degree from Immaculata University. She has thirty three years' of experience with the Upper Moreland School District.

Diane Dougherty is a graduate of West Chester University and received a Master of Arts degree from Villanova University. While working on her degree at Villanova, she was a research scholar working with professors of English. Diane was a classroom teacher for 32 years as well as head of English/Language Arts for ten years before retirement. This is her first professional book.

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