Co-Teacher's Playbook, The

  • Title:The Co-Teacher's Playbook: What It Takes to Make Co-Teaching Work for Everyone
  • Author:Angela Peery
  • Publication Date:August 2019
  • ISBN:9781544377629
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Expert guidance for creating a successful partnership!

In today’s inclusive classrooms, general-education teachers might be paired with special-education teachers, ELL specialists, interventionists, or paraprofessionals in a co-teaching partnership. No matter your exact situation—or which side of the equation you’re on—co-teachers share similar challenges, including struggles with communication, trouble with equitable grading, and lack of planning time.

Whether you’re new to co-teaching, new to your partner, or just see room for improvement in the way you connect, it’s time to make the partnership really benefit your students. So grab a cup of coffee and your co-teacher—this hands-on workbook is designed for the two of you to use together. Features include:

 Stories from experienced co-teachers
 Reflective activities to help each of you discover your collaboration style
 Reproducible lists, checklists, templates, agreements, and more to complete together
 A downloadable unit-planning tool

When co-teaching is done well, the benefits for students are immeasurable. Let this guide’s expert advice and eye-opening activities take your co-teaching to a new level of success.

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