Coaching Partnership

  • Title:The Coaching Partnership: Collaboration for Systemic Change (2/e)
  • Author:Rosemary T. Taylor, Carol Chanter
  • Publication Date:July 2019
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781338586824
  • Publisher:Scholastic

Create Unstoppable Teams through Collaborative Coaching!

When teachers, coaches, mentors, and administrators successfully work together in a collaborative coaching partnership, everyone"s effectiveness increases-and student achievement grows. The Coaching Partnership provides educators with a unique perspective and approach to instructional coaching centered on mutual and reciprocal accountability for continuous improvement. This essential resource provides the guidance and tools educators need to implement a coaching partnership system in their schools and achieve their ultimate goal: improved student learning outcomes.

Drawing on their extensive experience and years of research, the authors identify all the necessary components for a successful coaching partnership, and show teachers, coaches, mentors, and administrators how to:

  • Optimize coaching partnerships with clearly defined processes and roles
  • Foster a culture of generative thinking to encourage learning, inquiry, and lasting change
  • Build trust to create successful collaborative, equitable relationships
  • Use frameworks to implement an evidence-based approach to coaching
  • Leverage academic language and adult communication strategies as drivers of success
  • Commit to an effective coaching system that makes improved performance last

In addition to clear and effective strategies, each chapter contains real-life vignettes from the field, coaching-in-action videos, ideas for productive partnerships, reflective practice questions, and helpful definitions. Plus, a Coaching System Planning Tool will help each member of the coaching team reflect, collaborate, and take purposeful, immediate action-all with the goal of creating a learning environment where students thrive.

Grounded in research, this accessible guide offers a practical and systematic approach for creating a vital coaching culture at any school!

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