Collective Student Efficacy

  • Title:Collective Student Efficacy: Developing Independent and Inter-Dependent Learners
  • Author:John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Shirley Clarke
  • Publication Date:June 2021
  • ISBN:9781544383446
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Arm students with the confidence they need to pursue ambitious goals—together. 

Collective student efficacy— students’ beliefs that by working with other people, they will learn more—can be a powerful accelerator of student learning and a precursor to future employment success. 

Harnessing twenty-five years of VISIBLE LEARNING® research, Collective Student Efficacy: Developing Independent and Inter-Dependent Learners illuminates the power of collective efficacy and identifies the many ways teachers can activate collective efficacy with their students. More than cooperative and collaborative learning, collective efficacy requires the refinement of both individual and collective tasks that build on each other over time. This innovative book details how knowledge, skills, and dispositions entangle to create collective and individual beliefs, and leads educators to mobilize collective efficacy in the classroom. It includes:

  • The vital components and evidence-based success criteria necessary for students' collective efficacy
  • The "I" and "We" skills that need to be developed to ensure students have the skills and confidence to contribute to group success
  • The nature of learning design, lesson planning, and classroom structures that ensure opportunities for all students to engage in collective efficacy
  • The necessity for constructive alignment between learning intentions, tasks, success criteria, and assessments
  • "Learning from a Distance" actions to facilitate building skills in remote learning environments

The time is now to prepare students to meet the demands of the future. Through collective student efficacy, students will learn to become actionable agents of learning and change.

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