Complex Text Decoded

  • Title:Complex Text Decoded: How to Design Lessons and Use Strategies That Target Authentic Texts
  • Author:Kathy T. Glass
  • Publication Date:September 2015
  • ISBN:9781416620372
  • Publisher:ASCD

If you believe it's important to give students the opportunity to read a wide variety of texts for different purposes and along a spectrum of difficulty and length, then that means you will occasionally engage them in complex text. Fortunately, here's the ultimate guide to help you:

  • Equip your students with appropriate tools to comprehend complex text.
  • Ensure students understand and apply knowledge from challenging reading assignments in every subject.
  • Develop your students’ abilities to become better lifelong readers.

Kathy Glass offers a wealth of proven strategies for designing lessons that incorporate a close examination of text and encourage students to delve deeply into content. Includes strategies for prereading, text-dependent questions, vocabulary, and assessment.

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