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Creativity and Innovation

  • Title:Creativity and Innovation: Theory, Research, and Practice
  • Author:Jonathan Plucker
  • Publication Date:October 2016
  • ISBN:9781618215956
  • Publisher:Prufrock Press

Creativity and innovation are frequently mentioned as key 21st-century skills for career and life success. Indeed, recent research provides evidence that the jobs of the future will increasingly require the ability to bring creative solutions to complex problems. And creativity is often the spice of life, that little extra something that makes the mundane into the interesting, making our routines into fresh new approaches to our daily lives. Over the past quarter century, our understanding of creativity has advanced significantly—we know more about what it is (and isn’t), we better understand how to foster it, and we have deeper, more complex knowledge about how it relates to intelligence, leadership, personality, and other constructs. This book brings together some of the world’s best thinkers and researchers on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to provide a comprehensive but highly readable overview of these exciting, important topics.

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