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  • Title:Deepening Comprehension With Action Strategies
  • Author:Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
  • Publication Date:January 2013
  • Grade Level:4-12
  • ISBN:9780545218597
  • Publisher:Scholastic

Before reading, hand out lines of a poem and invite students to build an idea of what the poem will be about. Invite two students to play good angel/bad angel for a book character. Have students perform a vocabulary statue depicting the meaning of terms such as global warming or deforestation.

You"ll find that these motivating ideas and many others energize students before, during, and after reading and can be done individually, or through pair work or groups! This updated and revised resource will show you how to deepen reading strategies such as activating prior knowledge, inferring, visualizing, making connections, and more. Aligned with today's rigorous, you will also find video footage that demonstrates action strategies at work in classrooms! 208 pages DVD.

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