Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading

  • Title:Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: Shifting to a Problem-Based Approach
  • Author:Vicki Vinton
  • Publication Date:March 2017
  • Grade Level:2-8
  • ISBN:9780325077925
  • Publisher:Heinemann

How do we prepare students for a world that’s changing so rapidly that a majority of those sitting in classrooms today will go on to hold jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t yet been invented to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet? For Vicki Vinton, the answer is to help build students’ capacities as critical and creative thinkers by shifting to a problem-based approach for teaching reading.

Problem-based teaching has taken hold in STEM classes across the country, but it’s not common in reading, where we tend to think of problems as existing only at the word level. Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading, however, will help you become more aware of the problems texts pose for readers at the literal, inferential, and thematic levels, and then show you how to create opportunities for students to read closely and think deeply as they wrestle with those problems.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a repertoire of dynamic teaching moves that will help you probe student thinking and provide responsive feedback when students most need it.
  • Shift your focus from the teaching of complex texts to complex thinking.
  • Help students develop lines of inquiry as readers.

Chock-full of classroom examples and the voices of students figuring things out, Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Readingconnects the practices in the book to all sorts of current thinking and trends—from growth mindsets to the Common Core State Standards and from productive struggle to educational neuroscience. That breadth and depth ensures that Vicki’s book is one that educators will be talking about—and you don’t want to miss.

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