Early Childhood Math Routines

  • Title:Early Childhood Math Routines: Empowering Young Minds to Think
  • Author:Antonia Cameron
  • Publication Date:April 2020
  • Grade Level:PreK-1
  • ISBN:9781625311832
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Toni reimagines traditional math routines and introduces brand new routines that focus on the important mathematical ideas of early childhood. Through stories, classroom examples, and resources, Toni offers you the tools to get started right away with these routines.

Inside you’ll find the following resources:

  • Innovative routines featuring student-teacher dialogue and teaching analysis to support you in planning and facilitating
  • Clear explanations of the big mathematical ideas in early childhood math
  • Access to a robust companion website, which includes downloadable and printable cards and gameboards; over 30 slide decks for facilitating routines, additional practice routines, supplemental readings, and a place value interview assessment
  • A day-by-day suggested planning guide to introducing and developing each routine in your classroom

Learn from Toni’s experience in classrooms supporting the complexities of early childhood mathematics while also building communities that foster social, emotional, and cognitive development in young children. Get the tools and routines that will help you connect children to mathematics in a way that is exciting and powerful.


Author Bio

Antonia Cameron is a Master Coach for K-6 Mathematics at Metamorphosis, a former co-director of Mathematics in the City, and coauthor of numerous facilitator guides and Contexts for Learning unit books. She is a nationally known mathematics "coaching coach" and speaker on professional development practices.

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