Educational Coaching

  • Title:Educational Coaching: A Partnership for Problem Solving
  • Author:Cathy A. Toll
  • Publication Date:March 2018
  • ISBN:9781416625612
  • Publisher:ASCD

Educational coaches—whether math, literacy, instructional, or curriculum coaches—vary in the content of the work they do and in the grade range of the teachers with whom they work. But "good coaching is good coaching," as coaching expert Cathy A. Toll affirms in this, her newest book. All coaches seek to help solve problems and increase teacher success, and they all depend on effective collaboration to do so.

This practical guide shows readers how to get the most out of educational coaching. It details:

  • Models of coaching that enhance teachers' thinking, help them overcome obstacles to success, and lead to lasting change.
  • Three phases of the problem-solving cycle.
  • Characteristics of effective coaching conversations.
  • Components of CAT—connectedness, acceptance, and trustworthiness—that are essential to the partnership.
  • Practices that support teamwork.

Toll also tackles the obstacles that hinder a coach's success—administrators who don't understand coaching and teachers who don't want to engage. Full of insights and answers, Educational Coaching is for all coaches and those who lead them.

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