Emotionally Connected Classroom, The

  • Title:Emotionally Connected Classroom, The: Wellness and the Learning Experience
  • Author:Bill Adair
  • Publication Date:March 2019
  • ISBN:9781544356365
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Engineer healthy interactions and repair dysregulation

Suicide rates, ADHD diagnoses, gaming addiction, and adolescent depression are increasing exponentially. It’s difficult to ignore the number of children burdened by stress, anxiety, and unhealthy beliefs. Students struggle to cope in ways that reinforce labels defining them as difficult to teach. 

However, the brain is malleable and new experiences can rewrite the story! The Emotionally Connected Classroom helps educators create environments that promote healthy attachments and repair neural dysregulations that impair learning capacity. Readers will find 

  • User-friendly explanations of neuroscience and human behavior
  • Strategies and assessment tools to help teachers shift from content-focused learning and assessment to learning that prioritizes wellness
  • Lesson templates to help “train the brain” 
  • Strategies to address dysfunctional behavior
  • Engaging stories and authentic case studies that bring theory to life

Written with the belief that educators play a critical role in students’ lives, this book offers a new paradigm of connectedness that allows teachers to develop social-emotional learning practices that benefit all of their students. 

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