Engaging Students in Reading All Types of Text (Quick Reference Guide)

  • Title:Engaging Students in Reading All Types of Text
  • Author:Monica Burns, Pam Allyn
  • Publication Date:December 2020
  • ISBN:9781416630067
  • Publisher:ASCD

New kinds of text are constantly emerging through various media platforms, which creates exciting opportunities to embrace all the ways students can interact with what they read. In this quick reference guide, Pam Allyn and Monica Burns provide tips and tools you can use to help K–12 students

  • Read widely: Interact with a variety of genres, formats, and platforms.
  • Read critically: Evaluate a text’s accuracy and authenticity.
  • Read deeply: Think about, question, and reflect on a text.
  • Read closely: Draw supporting evidence from a text.
  • Read socially: Use texts as a basis for social connection and community.

Engaging Students in Reading All Types of Text also shares online tools, discussion questions, and assessment guidelines that show how teaching readers to navigate text effectively and efficiently in digital spaces can help them engage more meaningfully with all types of text. Whether your students are eager readers or reluctant readers, they’ll be faced with a growing array of potentially confusing written communications. Use this guide to make sure you can help your students hone their skills across a wide variety of material—and develop the confidence they’ll need to be lifelong readers.

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